Making Coco:The Grant Fuhr Story

SATURDAY , Feb. 23 @ 3:15 – 4:30 pm| Tix: $30 -40 


Director: Don Metz | 75-mins. Canada 2018 | Documentary, Sports, Hockey, Biography

“Making Coco: The Grant Fuhr Story” goes behind the mask of the Edmonton Oilers’ five-time Stanley Cup winning netminder. Through the eyes of teammates, rivals, and #31 himself this film explores the championship success, the controversy, and the redemption that made Grant “Coco” Fuhr a legend on and off the ice.

“I think he’s the best goaltender in the history of the NHL.” – Wayne Gretzky

CAFF Rating: All Audiences

 Language: English


A Girl, A Boy, A Penny and A Very, Very, Very, Long Road

WEDNESDAY, Feb. 20 @ 7:40- 9:00 pm| Tix: $10 


Director: Julia Beney | 76-mins. Canada 2018 | Drama, Comedy, Coming of Age

After turning down a long, seemingly abandoned, road in a 1968 Ford Galaxie named Archie, Yuna encounters a philosophical hitchhiker, a girl with (almost) pink hair and an unusual Old Lady who asks her to put all of who she is in a small empty box.

Embarking on a journey down this long un-named road, our trio fall into a series of mis-adventures in which they discuss the appropriate assemblage of a sandwich, struggle to pee in the woods, build illegal campfires, debate what to put in empty boxes, and contemplate their own existence. 
This heart-felt quirky drama does not shy away from the truth, whether that be the fragility of dreams, homes and life itself, or the destructive nature of loss and mental disorders. “A Girl, A Boy, A Penny and a Very, Very, Very Long Road” is an indie-film that inspires trust, self-love and bravery. 

Featuring music from FXRRVST, Plàsi and Jordy S.

CAFF Rating: All Audiences

 Language: English

Barren and Empty the Sea


Director: Lucas Parnes & Jesús Serna | 93-mins.          |Spain | 2018 | Drama, Mystery

THURSDAY, Feb. 21 @ 7:25 – 9:00 pm | Tix: $10

When Esteban wakes up, no one recognizes him. Everybody says he has been missing for days. Esteban tries to convince his acquaintances of the opposite. Suddenly there is an accident. Esteban is not Esteban anymore, but a stranger that arrives in the village.

CAFF Rating: Mature audiences, sexual content, some violence 

Language: Spanish with English subtitles 

Cor Values


Director: Gilbert Allen | 110-mins. | Canada 2017 | Drama

THURSDAY, Feb. 21 @ 6:00 – 7:50 pm| Tix: $10

Young reporter Cormac travels back to his home town for a funeral, only to find out home is not what it once was.

Cor Values is a Canadain feature shot entirely in Central Alberta, by an all Canadian independent crew, with an all Canadian cast.

Young reporter Cormac travels back to his home               CAFF Rating: Mature audiences,violence, gore, graphic sex scenes, language

Language: English

Prairie Dog


Director: C. Blake Evernden | 94-mins. | Canada 2015 | Drama

WEDNESDAY, Feb. 20 @ 7:25-9:00 pm| Tix: $10 

Lewis Coleman is a lone sheriff tasked with watching over the vast lands and valleys of Brada County. When an environmental aberration stirs the town, and reports begin to come in regarding a mysterious animal roaming the surrounding farmlands, the mayor of the small community of Sombra Hollow insists on bringing in an Sara Keegan, an environmental expert and zoologist, to advise them.

As this situation worsens, the sheriff’s two children, Tanya and Carey, become more curious of the situation surrounding the town. When a local couple disappears from a county football game, Lewis and Sara race to discover the mystery of the animal that stalks the countryside, before more towns folk, and possibly Lewis’ children, venture further into harm’s way.

Director: C. Blake Evernden (Lethbridge, AB)

CAFF Rating: Mature audiences, some blood, violence, jump scares

Language: English


Before The Plate


Director: Sagi Kahane-Rapport | 95-mins. | Canada |2018| Food Documentary 

SATURDAY, Feb. 23 @ 1:25 – 3:00 pm|Tix: $10 

Before the Plate is a feature length documentary that follows a single plate of food backwards to the farms its ingredients came from, upsetting modern myths about farming and revealing the challenges the industry faces as it moves forwards. Starring John Horne, executive chef of the downtown Toronto restaurant Canoe, Before the Plate showcases 10 ingredients from planting to cooking (and every step in between) to help better connect the modern consumer with their food.

CAFF Rating: All audiences

Language: English

From Seed to Seed


Director: Katharina Stieffenhoffer| 87-mins | Canada | 2018 | Food Documentary

SATURDAY, Feb. 23 @ 12:00 -1:27 pm Tix: $10

Terry and Monique left their opera careers in Europe to pursue their passion for ecological farming and to build a food community in the heart of Canada. 
We follow their young family and a diverse group of farmers and scientists as they blend age old traditions with cutting edge science to grow food ecologically in a changing climate. 
A hopeful story and Canadian perspective on a global social movement that regenerates the land, farming and communities toward a healthier and truly sustainable future for all of us.

CAFF Rating: All audiences

Language: English



Director: Tim Riedel | 80-mins. |Canada/Philippines | 2018 Documentary, Drama, Biography, News

SATURDAY, Feb. 20 @ 6:00- 7:22 pm| Tix: $10 

Life in the fishing village of Buenasuerte, Philippines seems idyllic – and in many ways, it is. But dive a little deeper and you’ll discover a story of environmental hurdles, economic heartaches and government corruption – all set against a backdrop of culture, community and incredible innovation.

Director Statement from Tim Riedel:

Jackstones is a unique documentary. Our story is about the fisherfolk from the beautiful fishing town of Buenasuerte, in the heart of the Philippines. The film documents the fisherfolk’s fight to re-invigorate their failing economy by revitalizing a rapidly dying coral reef.

The documentary was created using the inclusive filmmaking methodology where the story subjects were true collaborators in the telling of their own story. Thus, owning how they are represented in film.

With minimal Canadian involvement, the majority of the crew consisted of talented local filmmakers. The result is a breathtaking cinematic experience comprised of intimate moments between characters at a crossroads in their lives where the decisions made today will have implications that will last for generations


CAFF Rating: All audiences

Language: English

Last of the Fur Traders


Director: Frederick Kroetsch| 55-mins.| Canada 2017|Documentary, Biography

THURSDAY, Feb. 21 @ 8:05 – 9:00 pm| Tix: $10 

In the early 1950s, Hugh Kroetsch worked on the Arctic Ocean for the Hudson’s Bay Company, and he filmed all of his adventures on an 8mm camera.

In the summer of 2017, he returned to Canada’s Arctic with his son Frederick, to retrace his steps, and to screen his old footage in remote communities.

They never realized what an impact their adventure would have on the people of the north.

CAFF Rating: All audiences

Language: English

RISE: The Story of Augustines


Director: Todd Howe| 80-mins. | USA | 2018 Documentary, Music, Human Interest

FRIDAY, Feb. 22 @ 7:35 – 9:00 pm| Tix: $10 

In August of 2009 singer William McCarthy’s younger brother James, in the midst of a lengthy incarceration on charges of attempted murder, was found dead of an apparent suicide inside Napa State Hospital. Just one week later, McCarthy’s band Pela imploded, leaving both him and band mate Eric Sanderson devastated, in financial ruin, and with a half-finished album that may never see the light of day.

RISE: The Story of Augustines chronicles the journey of two men who faced their demons, refused to fall and established a lifelong brotherhood as they struggled to finish their seminal debut record, all while trying to maintain their own sanity and pay tribute to James. McCarthy’s songwriting during the toughest year of his life would come to be known as his defining work. The album Rise Ye Sunken Ships stands as a testament both to the pain of loss and the celebration of life. The two resurfaced with a new name, Augustines and, together with drummer Robert Allen, who shepherded William and Eric through their darkest of times, rose up to become one of the most celebrated independent bands in the world.

This is a truly compelling story of struggle, perseverance, brotherhood and hope.


CAFF Rating: All audiences, language warnings

Language: English

65-mins. | 2017/2018 | Canada/Drama/Coming of Age/Adventure                                                                                                                      CAFF Rating: All Audiences, implied mature subject 

SATURDAY, Feb. 23 @ 12:00 – 1:05 PM | Tix: $10 | BUY TICKETS


Director: Amr Moustafa | 14:00 | Canada | 2018| Drama

After her husband is unable to save their daughter a young mother struggles to find meaning in her life. When fighting becomes their new normal and she demands a divorce he knows there’s only one thing that can save them. Show her that even in the darkest of times you can always find a ligh


Director: Nashwa Zaman | 12:08 | Canada | 2017 | Coming of Age

Lately, Alice hasn’t been doing well. After nearly a year without any contact with her father, he unexpectedly shows up at Alice’s high school, hoping she will be willing to advocate for him to rejoin their biracial family. Alice must play the adult and is forced to confront her father, and herself, with the fact that things have changed and he is no longer welcome back.





Director: Casey Richards | 6:12 | Canada | 2018 | Drama

A bullied teen turns to her guitar for comfort and isolation, until a fellow classmate, who plays the piano, overhears her music and befriends her through their shared love of music.


Director: Brendan O’Brien | 18:46 | Canada | 2018 | Drama, Adventure

A young girl struggles with the loss of her mother and the resulting disconnection from her father. As an attempt to cope and escape from her life, Emily recruits the help from her friend to run away from home with a small raft, and head into the wild.


Director: Lincoln Constable | 10:00 | Canada | 2018 | Drama

Rhiannon is a shy and reserved girl. Mia is the opposite. It’s Mia’s spirit and lust for life that gives Rhiannon the strength to move on. A beautiful story about finding yourself after losing everything.



Director: Ross Paul | 2:53 | Canada | 2017 | Music Video

Music video for “Shameles” by Ashley’s Rejekts (Filmed in Sylvan Lake & Red Deer)



48-mins. | 2016/2018 | Canada | Documentary,Expirimental | CAFF Rating: All audiences 

FRIDAY, Feb. 22 @ 7:02 – 7:50 pm in Carnival Cinemas | Tix: $10 | BUY TICKETS

A Historic Survival

Director: Rueben Tschetter| 20:11 | Canada | 2018 | Documentary

The story of local Red Deer community kokums Bertha Poor and Rosina Winnie as they remember their survival of residential school in northern Saskatchewan.

Filmmaker’s Statement:

A Historic Survival is a powerful short film inspired by a talk from Senator Murray Sinclair, commissioner of the TRC, at Red Deer College in March 2016 shortly after the publication of the TRC report. A Historic Survival is informed by a history that Canada is reconciling, or attempting to reconcile with. This film checks several calls to action mentioned in the TRC report.

This film is an example of recommendations 84, 85 and 86, which call upon the media to help with reconciliation.


Director: Dianne Ouellette| 3:00 | Canada | 2016 | Documentary,Expirimental

Growing up in Saskatchewan I spent many summer days on the farm. This short film reflects on a childhood memory that stands out over time.

Dianne Ouellette is an Independent Métis film/video-maker who holds both a BFA in Film and Video and a BA in Theatre from the University of Regina. Dianne is presently pursuing her MFA in Media Production while working full time at the University of Regina. Dianne has completed a diversity of film and video projects over many years. She has worked in a variety of positions in the film industry as a producer, writer, director, cinematographer, videographer, photographer, narrator and editor.


Director: Willie Ermine, Margaret Reynolds, Rose Bird, Florence Allen, Gilbert Kewistep, Mary Lee, Preston Gardypie| 24:36 | Canada | 2018 | Documentary

In an extraordinary display of resilience, a group of Elders out on the land address the importance of Indigenous knowledge. These residential school Survivors shine a light on a future where this traditional knowledge system may be called upon to assist humanity.

Filmed in the fields and forests of First Nations lands across Saskatchewan, Waniska was envisioned and directed by the Elder’s Circle of the First Nations University of Canada with participation from students.

Waniska means ‘to awaken’ in Cree.


Central Alberta Film Festival

2019 Smartphone Challenge & 2019 48 Hour Challenge Screenings

75-mins. | 2017/2018 | Canada | Central Alberta Amateur Film Challenges | CAFF Rating: All audiences

WEDNESDAY, Feb. 20 @ 6:00 – 7:10 pm| Tix: $10 | BUY TICKETS

There will be an audience vote and one film from this years film challenges (2018 Smartphone Film Challenge and 2019 48 hour challenges combined) will recieve an award at the 2019 Central Alberta Film Festival awards gala on February,23,2019.


The CAFF Smartphone Film Challenge was created and designed to be a film challenge for everyone from amateur to professional film makers ages 10 and up.All films must be short using ONLY smartphone cameras and accessories.



55-mins. | 2015/2018 | Canada | Horror, Suspense, Thriller                                                                                                                                CAFF Rating: Mature, violence, blood, sexual content 

FRIDAY, Feb. 22 @ 8:05 – 9:00 pm| Tix: $10 | BUY TICKETS

Beautiful Cake

Director: Brian McWha| 14:10 | Canada | 2018 | Horror

Two high school students sneak into the seemingly abandoned mansion of the neighbourhood legend ‘Donny’. Believing him to be gone or even dead, they soon find that he is very much alive when he locks them in his basement.


Director: Charlie Christensen| 5:12 | Canada | 2018| Horror

On a regular Friday night, three friends decide to stay in and play an innocent board game. Things quickly take a turn for the worse as they channel an unspeakable evil. 


Director: C. Blake Everden | 20:07 | Canada | 2018 | Horror

Jennifer Lear spends her days and nights escaping from her family farm and far out into the wilds. She sees beauty in entropy and even romance in the sometimes vicious methods of nature.

The Wall

Director: Daniel Baker | 12:15 | Canada | 2015 | Horror, Thriller

When Jesse’s wife Brittany walks out on him after an explosive fight, he confides in his brother, Mark, about their troubled and unfaithful relationship. Brick by brick, Jesse and Mark piece together the nights’ prior in hopes of uncovering his wife’s whereabouts.



70-mins. | 2018/2017 | Canada/Philippines/USA | Documentary, Inspirational,Biography |                                                                          CAFF Rating: All audiences 

Drama THURSDAY, Feb. 21 @ 6:00 – 7:10 pm| Tix: $10 | BUY TICKETS

Finnish Society Migration Project: Coming to Canada

Director: Ava Karvonen | 9:26 | Canada | 2018| Inspirational, Biography 

“We live in Canada, but we like to keep our own roots. Finland was the country where I was born, but I’m happy in Canada because this is my homeland now. I’ve been here almost 60 years. So I have two countries to call home.” -Ritva Haikarainen

Life Is What You Make It

Director: Jhett Tolentino| 39:33 | USA, Philippines | 2018 | Documentary, Inspirational

For the first time since immigrating to the United States over a decade ago, Jhett Tolentino decides to visit his hometown of Iloilo City in the Philippines. He traces his steps from his slum-stricken birthplace to the schools he attended.

Jhett always thought there is something bigger for him outside of Iloilo. He ventures into different careers until he finally finds his purpose in the Great White Way – not onstage but on the business side as the only Filipino producer on Broadway.

Witness Jhett’s journey in this documentary as he shares his triumphant immigrant story and captures the special moments of his homecoming that is full of surprises, love, hope and inspiration.

Salaam B’y

Director: Amar Wala | 20:29 | Canada | 2017

Aatif Baskanderi grew up in a place where not many people looked like him or believed in the same things that he did. As a Muslim child of Pakistani immigrants, Newfoundland became home. His experiences growing up on “the rock” was like something out of a story book. On this cold, isolated island in the Atlantic ocean, Aatif learned sincerity and appreciation for others that would set him up for remarkable success in life.

As an engineer with a keen interest for social justice, he embarked on a journey to connect the two. Guided by his Muslim & Newfoundlander values, this led him to studying at the London School of Economics, researching Fair Trade farmers in Palestine, working on malaria prevention in Sierra Leone, informing science policy in Canada, the UK & Europe, leading Engineers Without Borders across Canada, and currently working as an innovation specialist at a global power company in Calgary, Alberta.

While things are going well for Aatif, the same cannot be said for his home province, which is facing tumultuous economic times. In hopes of inspiring a new generation of Newfoundlanders to live their dreams, Aatif returns to Newfoundland to share his story of pluralism and tolerance.

At a time of increasing racial and religious friction across the west, Aatif’s story is a reminder of what can happen when a community welcomes outsiders with open arms.


47-mins. | 2017 | Canada| Expirimental, Inspirational, Sports, Biography, Skiing, Hockey, Swimming                                                         CAFF Rating: All audiences 

FRIDAY, Feb. 22 @ 6:00- 6:47 pm| Tix: $10 | BUY TICKETS

Beautiful Idiot

Director: Harrison Mendel | 14:45 | Canada | 2018 | Experimental, Inspirational, Sports, Skiing 

Beautiful Idiot takes you on a wild ride through the mindset and motivations of those who feel driven to pursue greatness, how it can feel to fall short, and the consequences of reaching a lofty goal when the struggle to get there has defined you for so long. Featuring professional slopestyle rider Brett Rheeder.

Once A Raider,Always A Raider: Inside the St. Albert Raiders Hockey Club

Director: Justin Kueber | 12:50 | Canada | 2018 | Sports, Inspirational, Hockey

Once A Raider, Always a Raider: Inside the St. Albert Raiders Hockey Club (2018), a new short documentary that takes us on and off the ice to experience what the Raiders Hockey Club does to take its players to the next level. Featuring interviews with coaches, current and former Raider players including St. Louis Blues defenceman Colton Parayko and Vegas Golden Knights defenceman Nick Holden.

Power On Water 

Director: Rueben Tschetter| 19:16 | Canada | 2018 | Sports, Inspirational, Swimming

A short film commissioned by the Red Deer Museum + Art Gallery, Power On Water profiles world class Paralympic swimmer Tammy Cunnington from Red Deer, AB. The story is a powerful portrait of her life, her passion for sport and her single-minded focus on getting to the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio.

Cunnington was six years old when she was struck by an airplane at a Ponoka, Alta., air show in April 1982. The accident left her a paraplegic with the full use of her right arm, plus her core and shoulders.

Tammy Cunnington sends a strong message of perseverance against all odds. 2 years prior to the games in Rio she didn’t know how to swim Butterfly and Freestyle. Her husband Marty Piffer among others are in the film to give support and context to her story of passion. 


80-mins. | 2017 | Canada,USA, Kenya| Documentary, Humanitarian, Action, War, Crime, News                                                                  CAFF Rating: All audiences, some mture subject matter

FRIDAY, Feb. 22 @ 6:00 – 7:20 pm in | Tix: $10 | BUY TICKETS

Finding Water

Director: Brendan O’Brien | 30:00 | Canada, Kenya | 2017 | Documentary, Humanitarian

In north-western Kenya, one of the driest places on Earth, lies the UNHCR Kakuma Refugee Camp. Home to roughly 200,000 refugees, and another 150,000 locals living nearby, getting enough fresh, clean water is one of the major struggles of daily life. In 2016, a team of Canadian geoscientists travelled there to try to find more sources of fresh water.


Director: Joseph Quinn | 19:17 | USA | 2017 | Action, War

During the WWII North African campaign, a German sniper of the AfrikaKorps and a U.S. Combat engineer find themselves the sole survivors of a battle. They must reluctantly join forces to escape a marauding band of desert nomads and the unforgiving desolation of the Sahara desert. During their odyssey, the German relates the destruction of his country due to following their corrupt politicians. He regrets not stopping them before it was too late. It’s a specter from the past that sadly parallels many aspects of our society today. The German soon realizes his own government is the real enemy of his people and struggles to find the courage (Tapferkeit) to stop them.


Language: English, German (Dubbed)


VISTA: The Story of a Shooting Victim

Director: Patrick Michaud| 29:59 | Canada, USA | 2018 | Documentary, Crime, News

Entirely self-financed by two young filmmakers, VISTA presents a unique perspective on mass shootings, being the first documentary to provide a first-person perspective into the intimate and raw experiences of a shooting victim. Focusing specifically on one university student shot six times, and the witnesses that saved his life in the May, 2014, Isla Vista school shooting, VISTA further delves into how a tight-knit college community used strength, resilience, and support to overcome their darkest moment. Moreover, this film aims to spark a conversation about finding solutions to gun violence in America.

Mature Drama Shorts 2

72-mins. | 2016/2017/2018 | Canada, Sweden | Drama, War                                                                                                                              CAFF Rating: Mature, violence, mature subject matter, sexual content, language

SATURDAY, Feb. 23 @ 1:42 – 2:54 pm| Tix: $10 | BUY TICKETS


Director: Tracey Lavigne| 14:54 | Canada| 2017 | Drama

The class of 1986 prom is almost here and Tara’s best friend Danny wants to take her. But Tara doesn’t know what she wants. Ashamed of her secret obsession with a popular girl at school who doesn’t even know she exists, Tara closes herself off to the pain Danny is going through. By standing up for her friend, can she finally learn to accept herself?



One Last Time

Director: Alexander Lönn| 30:52 | Sweden | 2018 | Drama

When Jessie decides to get help from Euthanasia due to her incurable cancer, she wants her family’s full support. She invites family and her closest friends to a last big dinner where her plan is to pay tribute to life. But instead of support she meets sad and angry people whom she has to explain herself for. A mother who does not understand why, a father fighting against jealousy, a brother who does not know how to handle this, a friend whom just wants to get out of there and a girlfriend just wanting Jessie to change. Everything Jessie wants is to have one last night where she can celebrate her and her beloved life, but the evening will be anything but a tribute.

Director Statement:

One last time is a movie about death, love, relationships and life. Everyone has at one point in their life thought about death and ask themselves, how will I leave? An option that is on the rise around the world is euthanasia. In Sweden and many other countries this is forbidden and tabu. In “one last time” we talk about the subject from many different angles. We twist and turn the subject to see how differently we all react to the fact that a loved one wants to leave earth. We see it from a fathers point of view, a mothers, a brothers a friends and a lovers. We also see it from the person that is about to leave, our main character Jessie.

From every angel a new difficult perspective arises and really shows how complex the question regarding euthanasia are. But for me as a writer / Director the question that created this movie was, who have the right to decide when your life will end?


Language: Swedish ( English subtitles)


The Fourth Man

Director: William Amendola| 7:40 | Canada | 2016 | Drama

All kinds of deals go down on the golf course and this is one for the history books…

The Riveters

Director: Kate Felix| 2:40 | Canada | 2018 | Drama

Fed up with her ‘lame duck’ status, The Upstart decides to face The Patriarch in a 1940’s feminist throw-down.

Until The End

Director: Amr Moustafa | 15:00 | Canada | 2018 | Drama, War

A Canadian Photographer travels to the war zone middle east. after he is captured by terrorists he must try his best to save the children of the compound.

Until The End is a dramatic thriller short film set in the war zone regions of the Middle East. The film opens with Ryan’s mission. To help, protect and free the children trapped and brainwashed by ISIS. Ryan is a young brave realistic atheist photographer who travels to the middle east with his college Dan. after a grueling 40 hours of travel the duo get to their hotel and are immediately captured by ISIS terrorists.

Ryan and Dan find themselves in an ISIS prison ruled by the driven and merciless Abo Jihad. Jihad has lights and camera’s set up and plans to have Dan and Ryan read a speech of film to threaten the USA. after a failed attempt from Dan, Jihad sacrifices him. Abo-Jihad enters Ryan’s cell however he is surprised when Ryan puts on a brave face and questions Jihad about his beliefs. This angers Jihad who drags Ryan towards his doom. However, Ryan sees two children as he’s dragged. one appears violent as is armed. the younger, however, appears sympathetic and has Ryan’s camera. Ryan determined to help out the children as much as he can smiles at the child with his camera hoping to change a young life the best he can, Ryan doesn’t regret his choice. he is happy knowing his sacrifice is to save the life of a child broken by war.

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