The First Annual Central Alberta Film Festival

The Central Alberta Film Festival is a collection of films including short films, feature films, documentaries, music videos and experimental films. The film submissions are from both right here in Central Alberta, to many different places across the globe!

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March 31st and April 1st

The first annual Central Alberta Film Festival will be held in various theaters located at Carnival Cinemas (5402 47 St) in Red Deer, AB.






The Pearl is a popular destination for sex tourists, famous for beautiful girls from all over Asia and the place where JASON, an American lawyer, poses as a john so he can secretly meet with girls forced to work as prostitutes. Certain a young girl known only as NUMBER 18 can be a key witness for his case, JASON must convince her to testify against her cut throat pimp. When his investigation starts to unravel, JASON realizes that rather than save 18 from her horrific circumstances he has put her life at risk. With a crime syndicate now chasing him down and no resources but his own wits, JASON must try rescue NUMBER 18 in the crowded city before the pimp moves her, for good.


After failing to start his professional fighting career, Benny (Tucker New), moves back to town and tries to regain employment as a bouncer at the seedy “Tracks” bar. When he learns that his younger sister Madison (Daryn Tessier) is working there he is willing to do anything to get her to leave.



A Blackfoot Aboriginal and a Chinese-Canadian embark on a spiritual journey of reconciliation across their shared home.




This was the NHL expansion team that was supposed to be a contender but instead became the laughing stock of professional hockey. When it came to the California Golden Seals – everything that could go wrong, did. The history of the Seals includes white ice skates, orange pucks, a crazy owner, a tragic on-ice death, a female streaker, Bing Crosby, Tom Hanks and even the Hell’s Angels. The team endured an endless series of obstacles and humiliations, but despite their uphill struggle, the Seals would sometimes come together to score incredible upsets that would shock the NHL…and themselves.



Millions of children around the world will never have the chance to fulfil their potential. Hungry and out of school, they miss out on the opportunity to learn, play and work towards a better future.

Filmed on location at Mary’s Meals’ projects in Malawi, Haiti and India, this uplifting film introduces us to members of what we call ‘Generation Hope’ – the group of young people who, having received our daily meals in school, have gone on to further education or paid employment, something they insist would simply not have been possible without the support provided by Mary’s Meals.
In Generation Hope, with its powerful score and beautiful cinematography, supporters of Mary’s Meals can meet in a new way some of those children they have so generously helped towards brighter futures. And if you are new to this important mission, you can also be inspired by this first captivating insight into the life-changing and life-saving work of Mary’s Meals.



When a struggling writer, HIV positive for 20+ years, accidentally deposits a $100 birthday check, he is dropped from his health plan for earning too much. In this new era of sort-of universal care, can he take on a helpless bureaucracy or come up with $3000 a month to buy medication on his own?




Struggling to find a safe haven in an ice cold post-apocalyptic world, when a deranged survivor crosses path with a young girl, she has to choose between her sick sister’s life or her own survival.




“Chiaroscuro” follows Abel, who is turning 30, single and worried about his snoring problem. Through video recordings of his own sleep patterns, he unexpectedly discovers a visitor – a mysterious woman who creeps into his bed once the lights are out. Abel finds comfort in her presence and desperately clings to the possibility of her return.




An inside look aboard The Caravan where adventurers young and old grapple with route-finding, mother nature and group dynamics in an epic horse-drawn experience across America.

The Caravan film follows the exploits of an eclectic group of international carriage drivers and horse riders as they journey across the American south from California to Florida over 5 months and 2,500 miles.

Leading this group of relative strangers is Gerard Paagman with his team of elegant Friesian horses fresh off filming The Hunger Games – Catching Fire. Challenging the limits of disability is Michael Muir, Great Grandson of the visionary John Muir, Father of the National Parks and co-founder the Sierra Club, a conservation movement in the U.S..

This epic journey weaves it’s way through iconic landscapes, up and over mountains, through vast deserts, under tall pine forests, to bayous and down the backroads of America. The film explores the complexities of group dynamics, the relationship we share with our horses in this modern world and the surprising connections made along the route.

Everyone came to The Caravan laden with their individual expectations but united by their love of the horse, what happened on the journey was something they will never forget.



Indo Albertan Director, Punam Kumar Gill, felt that questioning anything around abortion was a betrayal of her feminist identity. But when she heard that the health information being given to women was subject to the politics of the people involved, and that 50 million women worldwide (1 in 3 in America) could be affected annually, she determined to take an honest and comprehensive look at this highly controversial subject. She trudged through the volatile and politicized research around abortions’ disputed connections with breast cancer, premature birth and psychological problems and what she discovered in the process is not just vital to the subject of abortion, but also critical to her own life, and integral to the progress of women everywhere.



An indecisive doctoral student must help a precocious photographer unravel the mysteries of synaesthesia if either of them hope to escape the drudgery of a life without colour.



A strange, lonely man is prompted by friends to find a girlfriend. When he sees a news story about a woman involved in a bike accident, he falls instantly in love. There’s only one problem – the woman is dead and buried. But that shouldn’t get in the way of true love, right?



Two women search through an abandoned factory, looking for evidence that the monster which haunted their town for years has resurfaced.




The Vatican dispatches mercenaries-for-hire – “The God Squad” – to a suburban residence to execute a nocturnal menace.

Certain a city is under siege by a “creature of the night” the local Catholic Chapter has sent a squad of slayers to eradicate a centuries-old enemy, Vampire Violet, at the behest of the Vatican.

Vampire Violet has set up shop in the suburban sanctity of Arkham, Massachusetts, and she’s been slowly sucking her way through the entire town. Little does she know, however, she’s about to come up against The God Squad’s secret weapon – SUNDOWNERS pathogen, which has been hijacked from The God Squad’s archenemy (and Violet’s benefactor), pharmaceutical titan Cerberus Unlimited.



Daniel Ennett attempts to become the first scuba certified quadruple amputee. And then the sharks show up.



Damian La Grange is a singing and rapping piano player whose production style blends live instruments with synthesizers. Beautiful Distraction, his newest single, released January 4, 2017 incorporates elements of indie rock, hip hop and R&B. The lyrical content dives into the difficulty of balancing a romantic relationship with the pursuit of a creative career. Finding someone who understands your passion and whose demons dance well with your own.



When a group of women attend a Super Speed Dating event, the women soon begin to wonder if the men have another side to them.



In the days between the assassination of the 35th President of The United States, John F. Kennedy and the murder of his suspected assassin, a very serious man is brought in to deal with a very serious situation.



A Music Video created by Marcello Delcaro




A brother and sister, Roy and Honey, are living their daily routines in a old farm house overlooking the city. After the beginning of the end of civilization, a great wind has been blowing for the last seven years. People, water, and food are scarce until a stranger appears one day.



During the 1990’s tumbleweeds were rolling across the main intersection in downtown Red Deer. This story traces the life, death & rebirth of downtown Red Deer.



‘An Alberta Farm’ is an intimated portrait of one local farmer’s outlook on where the family farm came from and where it is headed. In a time when many farming children are moving away to the city, the future of our family-farms can be solemn.



Resettled refugees tell the story of their life before displacement and the hardships they encountered as a community, their moving story of adjusting to life in Canada and their contributions to the new community.



This is the story of MYFA in Mathane, Kenya: a soccer school established by the retired Canadian diplomat B. Munro in the shantytowns of Nairobi, whose successes — human and sport — have been recognized.

MYFA organization survives on small donations from foreign companies and agencies, but its success depends above all on the amazing energy of the young, self-educated social activists who began playing football and now run MYSA.

On the back of this network, MYSA now runs lending services for football boots and books, as well as clinics and health centers across Nairobi.It has also created a professional team — Mathare United — in which all players are contractually obliged to do significant social work.This team has proved good enough to win the Kenyan Championship.
It might be no bad thing if the organization of youth sport in western countries were more directly controlled by the young and more systematically tied to social activism, community service and a commitment to personal and educational development.
Beyond the glitz and the gigantism of the sport industry, the lessons from MYSA make a small but important contribution to the much bigger policy debate that the idea of the Big Society poses.



After joining the Exercisers, a former couch potato’s commitment is put to the test. Does she have what it takes to be an exerciser?



Share in the adventures of mountain men who couldn’t see spending their lives penned up; and having devoted their efforts to being free spirits. The characters have strived to be independent souls, travelling the old pack trails in the Canadian Rockies where few have journeyed. They have spent their lives experiencing the sounds and beauty of the earth, immersing themselves in the mountains—their home. These men were enticed by the Rockies because of the rugged wilderness, and horseback culture that nurtured their spirit. Some of these trailhands have trekked Alberta’s eastern slopes for over sixty years.



In the future, a man meets an eccentric stranger who gives him the opportunity to take a complete discourse from his present life.



The Walking Man really is asking one main question. It is not a commentary on homelessness, while the lead character is clearly homeless. It instead is a window into our own minds, our judgements (whether warranted or not), and our expectations. The question ‘why’ hangs in the air throughout the film, and we wonder why The Walking Man has ended up as he is. We also naturally look for a moment that somehow makes his clear discomfort alright. The conclusion of the film may give the viewer this satisfaction, or it may raise more questions depending on their worldview. The main question, however is simply this: who is it that can determine a person’s purpose?



‘Born and Reared’ is a moving documentary that explores contemporary Northern Ireland, through the lives of four men living in the aftermath of violent conflict; a story about reimagined identity of place and the fragility of masculinity.

Filmed over a year with the men in and around their homes, the filmmakers focussed on the stories that took place long after the cameras had left the news story that was Northern Ireland.

The four characters are all vulnerable and strong. Their stories are powerful, courageous, moving and contemporary.

What happens to the identities of men when the war ends and the roles previously held are no longer accepted or needed? How do you go from being a ‘soldier’, to being a carpenter, taxi driver or family man in ‘peace time’?



*English Subtitles*

A young man opens his eyes to find himself lonely in an unknown place…He doesn’t remember where he was, or who brought him there, and who he is exactly. He finds a recorded cassette in his bag that contains his diaries, so he tries to begin searching for his memory and identity.

Was he a killer? Or innocent? A traitor… or patriotic? Through all these contradictions and hallucinations, we discover many stories taken from the bitter reality of Iraq after 2003





Five years after most of humanity has died out to an infectious disease, a young woman tries to survive in an unforgiving world.



Skyler portrays someone that is very disconnected from society who looks like a very average and regular person, however he is actually a sociopathic serial killer.





A woman is haunted by unfulfilled dreams.



During the 1990’s tumbleweeds were rolling across the main intersection in downtown Red Deer. This story traces the life, death & rebirth of downtown Red Deer.



This short documentary is about a band from the heart of Alberta, Domino. After watching this documentary you will have a feel about who each of the band members are, where they’re from, why they created a band, and why they chose Domino as the name.




Two girls, students at a magic college, both have a crush on the same guy. In order to resolve their issues, they cast a Sleeping Beauty spell on the guy. The one who truly loves him will wake him up. But then neither of them can wake him with their kisses.




Following Albert Karvonen as he walks the land around his woodland Alberta home, through the four seasons, reflecting on his life, his career as a wildlife filmmaker, and his philosophies on the environment. Albert and his wife, Pirkko, retired to their lakeside cottage in the northern boreal forest and every day Albert walks through the forest. He knows this land intimately and can tell anyone who shares the path with him all about the creatures and plants that inhabit the forest – and he knows exactly what the creatures are up to, based on the signs they leave in the forest. When the snow lies too deep on the trails to walk, he puts on his cross-country skis. Albert is more than a filmmaker, he is a patient teacher and naturalist, and can identify all of the plants and animals that share his native Alberta wilds. Filmed by his daughter, filmmaker Ava Karvonen, the camera follows Albert on his daily walks, where he shares his love of nature, his philosophies on life and the

environment, and his insights and expertise from a lifetime spent filming and photographing nature. This is also a story about aging, preparing for death and the legacy one leaves behind.



A short film about regret


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